philosophical foundation

Rocky Mountain Summer Conservatory offers a curriculum that addresses a student’s need from a broad perspective. Our faculty and staff have a deep personal commitment to the development and progress of each student.

It is understood that some of our students will choose to pursue a career as a professional musician and others will choose an alternate career opportunity. This choice is a personal one and is likely to undergo several changes before the final path is taken. We will assist the student in the decision-making process in any way we can.

Our program is designed to meet the needs of both types of students and make no distinction based upon a student’s current career path. For a student who chooses an alternative career opportunity, the passionate, persistent pursuit of perfection in music provides a paradigm for the pursuit of perfection in their future endeavors.

Our focus upon personal integrity, leadership skills, physical vigor and a zest for learning provides a framework for personal fulfillment and an abundant life.