What to Bring

bed and bath

  • Pillow
  • Linens (single bed)
  • Blanket
  • Towels
  • Bathrobe
  • Shower shoes
  • Alarm clock
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash or soap, shampoo/conditioner, etc.)
  • Laundry soap (may be purchased in town if you want to save space)
  • Medications (be sure this is listed on the Medical Release form)

day wear and gear

  • Long and short-sleeved shirts (days are typically warm and sunny)
  • Light jacket and/or sweater (early mornings and evenings are very cool)
  • Shorts and jeans
  • Comfortable pants for morning stretches
  • Sandals and comfortable shoes
  • 2 Liter water bottle (hydration is key in high altitude)

hiking wear and gear

  • Good walking shoes with thick traction soles (light hiking shoes or boots encouraged but not required)
  • Thick socks
  • Backpack
  • 2 Liter water bottle or hydration bladder
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Rain jacket or light poncho (weather changes quickly at high altitude)
  • Sunblock
  • Lipbalm
  • Bug spray
  • Granola bars or other sealed snack items

concert attire

  • Guys — dress pants (khakis or chinos), light dress shirt (venues can be warm), belt, socks, dress shoes
  • Gals — dress pants or longer skirts/dresses (most performances involve sitting down and playing, skirts/dresses should fall below the knee or longer)

No shorts, jeans, T-shirts, running/training shoes or casual sandals are allowed for performance.

music items

  • One instrument (make sure case is securely closed)
  • Two bows (if possible) with lots of hair
  • One extra set of strings (used will be fine)
  • If you are a cellist, bring endpin anchor or stop
  • One folding music stand with your name on it (don’t forget this very important item)
  • Metronome (with your name on it)
  • Music for private study (when in doubt, bring more not less), such as
    • concertos
    • solo pieces with piano accompaniment if required for performance
    • unaccompanied selections
    • scales, etudes
    • orchestral excerpts
  • Dampits or equivalent instrument humidifier (check with your teacher or instrument maker)

optional extras

  • Camera
  • Swimsuit and beach towel
  • Yoga mat
  • Air tight container (if you want to keep snacks in your room)
  • A good book or two
  • Playing cards or games
  • Any other things you feel would be fun in the mountains
  • Spending money for free time. Students may keep their money in the office lock box.

what not to bring

  • Open flames and incendiary devices (including, but not limited to cigarettes, incense, lit candles, fireworks, etc.)
  • Weapons of any kind (firearms, knives, etc.)