Rocky Mountain Summer Conservatory (RMSC) is centered on the study and performance of chamber music. Our program is enhanced by the study of solo and technical repertoire and built upon an interdisciplinary, mentoring environment. We are dedicated to each student’s passionate, persistent pursuit of perfection in music, a balanced approach to living, personal integrity and the development of leadership skills.

rmsc nurtures a richer life by

  • promoting the passionate, persistent pursuit of perfection in music through the Core Curriculum
  • encouraging a balanced approach to living, physical vigor and emotional well-being through Interdisciplinary Classes and Outdoor Activities
  • enhancing character development through formal and informal lectures and discussions
  • creating an environment that encourages mentoring relationships

rmsc will provide

  • an environment that is safe, secure and conducive to all scheduled activities
  • a curriculum that encourages the passionate, persistent pursuit of perfection, balance and personal integrity
  • a faculty and staff committed to the success and personal growth of each student

rmsc will operate in a manner that

  • is consistent with our vision, mission and values
  • continuously seeks to improve and innovate
  • honors the trust and resources continually invested in the organization